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Jazz washes away the
dust of every day life.
~ Art Blakey (1919-1990)

The Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium (CBJC) is an organization of venues and individuals committed to the development and preservation of Jazz and related art forms throughout the Borough of Brooklyn. Organized in 1999, the Consortium is the realization of years of discussions between representatives of Jazpazaz Preservation Society (Ms Alma Carroll), Jazz 966 (Torrie McCartney), Sistas’ Place (Viola Plummer), and SoFocus (Deacon Leroy Applin) on the importance and need for such a body.

Co-founder Jitu Weusi was elected the first chairperson in December 1999, along with Alma Carroll Treasurer, Torrie McCartney Facilitator, Colette Penn Recording Secretary, Loretta Washington Financial Secretary, Pauline Barfield Event Planner and Jacqui Woods as Public Relations. CBJC subsequently produced its first festival April 1- 9, 2000. The Brooklyn Jazz Hall of Fame was born and nine inductees were honored to identify and honor contributors to the history of Jazz, both internationally and in Brooklyn . Video documentation was facilitated throughout the festival. In 2006 the Founders Hall of Fame was born to honor those members of the arts and culture community whom have enriched the lives of people from central Brooklyn and beyond..